29 Projects Selected for CEE Animation Forum Pitch

CEE Animation Forum has announced the projects selected for this year´s pitching competition. The lineup showcases many different formats of animated projects in development across shorts, series, features and the newly introduced VR category. CEE Animation Forum takes place in Liberec, Czech Republic from May 5-8, during the Anifilm festival (May 5-10).

The Forum is a co-production pitching, B2B and networking event aimed at boosting the spotlighted Central & Eastern European projects´ international distribution potential, visibility and their access to a wider European market.

For its eighth edition, the organizers received submissions from 32 countries. A committee of international experts made a final selection of 29 projects to be pitched during the upcoming edition of the Forum. The majority of the selected teams come from Central & Eastern Europe: six from the Czech Republic, five from Croatia, three from Hungary, and one project each from Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. There are also two projects from France and one project each from Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

This year, more than half of the projects in both the shorts and TV series/specials categories are directed by women — with eight series projects from women directors, the gender ratio has reached a record 80% female-driven projects.

Competition participants can secure a chance to find a co-production partner by presenting their project in front of more than 250 film professionals, including producers, TV programmers, festival directors, distributors, investors or representatives of national film funds.

The pitching sessions will be followed by one-to-one meetings between the project representatives and their potential partners. In addition, the three-day program offers a number of keynotes, masterclasses, debates and screenings.

King Wray

King Wray


Cricket & Antoinette / Cvrčak i Mrvica | p. Dino Krpan, Diedra (Croatia) d. Luka Rukavina (Croatia)

Fichtelberg | p. Michal Kracmer, Cineart TV Prague (Czech Republic) d. Simon Koudela (Czech Republic)

IGI / იგი | p. Vladimer Katcharava, 20 Steps Productions (Georgia) d. Natia Nikolashvili (Georgia)

King Wray | p. Sorin Baican, Studioset (Romania) d. Anton & Damian Groves (Great Britain / Romania)

Once We Meet | p. Igor Zarol, Origin Tales (Serbia) d. Ivan Beres (Croatia)

Salamanders / Mloci | p. Aurel Klimt, Studio ZVON (Czech Republic) d. Aurel Klimt

The Black Swallow | p. Sebastien Hussenot, La Luna Productions (France) d. Louis J. Gore (France)

Trouble Nubble Gum | p. Michael Margulis, Studio KAPI (Ukraine) d. Rostyslav Garbar (Ukraine)

Lemon and Elderflower

Lemon and Elderflower


A Little Pilot | p. Petr Babinec, Kouzelná animace (Czech Republic) d. Eliska Chytkova (Czech Republic)

Annie & Carola | p. Myriam Ballesteros, MB Producciones (Spain) d. Myriam Ballesteros (Spain)

Baldies / Plešouni | p. Jiri Sadek, COFILM (Czech Republic) scriptwriter: Eliska Podzimkova (Czech Republic)

Flying Kathy / Leteča Katka | p. Jure Vizjak, Invida (Slovenia) d. Jernej Zmitek (Slovenia)

Frickin’ Times | p. Irek Krett, xkopp creative (Germany) d. Irek Krett

Lemon and Elderflower | p. Justyna Rucinska, Likaon sp. z o. o. (Poland) d. Ilenia Cotardo (Italy)

Little Grey Wolfy | p. Natalia Malykhina, Ulvenfilm AS (Norway) d. Natalia Malykhina

Lola and Betty / Život s Lolom | p. Drasko Ivezic, Adriatic Animation (Croatia) d. Hana Tintor (Croatia)

Milkshake Bar / Pieno Baras | p. Agne Adomene, Art Shot (Lithuania) d. Urtė Oettinger (Lithuania)

Ormhildur the Brave | p. Heather Millard, Compass Films (Iceland) d. Thorey Mjallhvit (Iceland)

The Garden of Heart

The Garden of Heart


27 – My Last Day at Home | p. Gabor Osvath, BODDAH (Hungary) d. Flora Anna Buda (Hungary)

Face Recognition / Näotuvastus | p. Kalev Tamm, Eesti Joonisfilm (Estonia) d. Martinus Klemet (Estonia)

Hoodies and Sunglasses | p. Manon Messiant, Iliade et Films (France) d. Fabian Balogh (Hungary)

In Her Face / Pelo na Venta | p. Mario Patrocínio, BRO Cinema (Portugal) d. Margarida Madeira (Portugal)

Just Between Us / Među nama | p. Masa Udovicic, Luma Film (Croatia) d. Petra Balekic (Croatia)

Love, Dad / Váš táta | p. Karolina Davidova, 13ka (Czech Republic) d. Diana Cam Van Nguyen (Czech Republic, Vietnam)

No Happily Ever After / Dozvonil zvonec | p. Maria Motovska, Helium Film s.r.o. (Czech Republic) d. Gabriela Plackova (Czech Republic)

The Garden of Heart / A szív kertje | p. Balint Gelley, CUB Animation Ltd. (Hungary) d. Oliver Hegyi (Hungary)

The Girl with the Golden Hair / Zlatovláska | p. Zuzana Jankovicova, Super film (Slovakia) d. Kaoru Furuko (Japan)

The Pet Named Stress / Ljubimac zvan Stres | p. Drasko Ivezic, Adriatic Animation (Croatia) d. Laura Martinovic (Croatia)

The Voice / La Voće | p. Vessela Dantcheva, Compote Collective (Bulgaria) d. Ivan Bogdanov (Bulgaria)

The selection for the VR Immersive Media category will be announced in March.

Passes to the Forum are available for an early bird rate until March 31. More information at www.ceeanimation.eu.