Rewatching Anime for Fun and Profit*

*Okay, not profit. Well, not monetary, anyway. 

By and large, I don’t get a lot of time to re-watch shows. But when I do get the chance, I enjoy the opportunity to catch things I’ve missed before.

(A reminder: This is part of my 12 Days of AniTAY 2018. Big thanks to Zarnyx for suggesting to go ahead and do it in mainline-TAY, and RedStripe118 for putting me on to the 12 Days of Anime idea in the first place.)

My typical anime watching.Screenshot: Mitsuboshi Colors

Generally, my re-watches fall into 2 main categories: re-watching with someone who hasn’t seen it before, and re-watching the dub of something I saw subbed.


Usually, if I’m re-watching a show with someone who hasn’t seen it before, I’m watching the show with my wife, who missed my original viewing. (Sometimes, she’s paying more attention, and sometimes, she’s just kind of going along to get along.) This may be an already completed series, or sometimes, she gets interested partway into a season, so I’m on a partial re-watch so she can catch up with the season.

More commonly, I’m often interested in re-watching a show in dub form after seeing the sub. (With the exception of Fate/Zero, which I’m doing a re-watch with a friend who hasn’t seen it in a long time, where I saw the dub first, so we’re watching the sub.) I like to see how the different voices compare, and obviously, to try and see what in the visuals I may have missed when trying to focus on reading the subs.

Of course, sometimes I’m foiled in this plan. As I mentioned before, sometimes the other voice doesn’t sound ‘right’, and I just can’t continue watching the dub. I mentioned Space Patrol Luluco before, where Luluco sounds too mature, and I caught the dub of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on TV one time, where Edward Elric sounded too much like Yugi(?) from Yu-Gi-Oh! (a show I can’t stand) for me to take anything seriously. Conversely, I’ve watched Cowboy Bebop in English enough times, that I couldn’t do the subs due to lack of Steve Blum’s excellent Spike Spiegel.


But it’s definitely good when I can get the chance to re-watch things – I’m actually doing a dual rewatch of Fate/Zero (one in English on my own, and one in Japanese with a friend), and between the two, I’m noticing a lot more stuff that ties into Fate/Stay Night (particularly Unlimited Blade Works), and stuff I missed in the first place (like how Ryunosuke was able to summon Caster when he had no idea of the Grail War).

So – do you re-watch shows? Are yours favorites that you re-watch annually, quarterly, weekly, daily?