Lucky Post’s Seth Olson Spreads Optimism in Anti-Bullying Spot

Seth Olson of Texan studio Lucky Post has created a new, whimsical animated commercial that spreads a positive mental health message on behalf of Cary Scott Counseling. The brightly colored and fantastical CG spot follows a man riding a jittery “whale tractor” contraption through a darkening landscape — and re-emerging into the light to find greener pastures ahead. Reflecting on his journey out of a dark place, the man reclaims his life with “A New Day. A New Experience. A New Beginning.”

Olson tapped his personal experience to create the spot, which set to a chorus of grinding gears and mechanical noise by audio engineer Scottie Richardson, and reflective music by asche&spencer. Olson animated and wrote the short, with Jenne Dison also serving as writer and Jessica Berry as exec producer.

“Our goal is to let people know that mental wellbeing is a normal part of life. What I really appreciate about the piece is that it presents life as it is — bumpy, unique, quirky — in a welcoming way that sheds a positive light with a focus on help and healing,” said Cary Scott, whose Dallas practice focuses on depression. “Sometimes, we feel alone on our journey, however each moment can present new hope.”

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Vote “America The Beautiful” from Lucky Post on Vimeo.

Lucky Post "A New Day. A New Experience. A New Beginning."

Lucky Post “A New Day. A New Experience. A New Beginning.”