Loot Anime Episode 29: Brave Unboxing

Well isn’t this a quick turn around? Ok, not really, the simple truth is the crate that was originally meant for March finally arrived…in god damn May. The theme for this crate is Brave and focuses around series where the main characters have to be brave in the face is ridiculous odds. The represented series are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fairy Tail, and Assassination Classroom. Twice delayed, could this crate even hope to match up to the expectations those have for it to justify the wait? Let’s find out, starting with the box:

Oh…oh no…ok usually the size of the box matters not, as squat boxes have had some amazing items in the past. But now the pressure has increased even more…Now for the inside flap:

Oh hey look at that, it’s all EVA storm of text-themed. Neat. Kinda says things though when a wall of text could be said as them “putting in effort”, especially compared to the inside of the last crate.


The first item is:

It’s a Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.0 shirt! It doesn’t show up at all because somehow the color got lost in translation when taking the pic, but the shirt is actually Unit-01 purple, and fittingly features Unit-01 right in the middle. Not bad at all. I quite like it.


The second item is:


It’s, um, a Seven Deadly Sins tote bag. I was genuinely not expecting this, as all the official announcements I saw for the crate only listed EVA, Fairy Tail, and AssClass. This shocking twist makes Seven Deadly Sins the latest member of the Loot Anime Triple Crown club!


It’s a decent tote bag, though kinda redundant at this point for me, as I now own so many damn tote bags thanks to Loot Anime.

The third item is:


It is an Assassination Classroom lanyard! It’s nice looking, seems competently well made, and features several of my favorite characters from the series on it. I will likely use it when I go to my local anime con over Labor Day weekend this year.

The fourth item is:


It is the first volume of Fairy Tail: Rhodonite, a spin-off of Fairy Tail. What it is about hell if I know, I never followed Fairy Tail. Might have to read it later.

The requisite pin:


So it is basically im-fucking-possible to clearly see it, even with the naked eye, but this is supposed to be a pin of the cover art to the first volume of Overlord. Which, I’m ok with. Not the pin, rather, I get some free Overlord to read, because these pins unlock either a free ebook or some sample chapters of whatever series the pin is of.

The requisite poster:


If nothing else, Loot Anime nailed their poster game again. This awesome poster, showing Class 3-E during one of my favorite parts of the phenomenal second season to AssClass, is definitely a highlight.

And the inside of the box:


More EVA text goodness!

So, yeah, this is a rather unusual situation to be in when it comes to judging the crate. There were some good items here, or at least items I liked or will get use out of. Unfortunately, the simple truth is, Loot Anime is supposed to be a monthly release, so when it is delayed for two months, the expectation is for the items to be really damn good.

End of the day, we had two wait two months for a crate with a god damn tote bag and lanyard. I don’t even care that I actually liked them! That is inexcusable. It simply is. Combine this with the fact the other specialized subscriptions under the Loot Crate umbrella have also been suffering delayed crates, and it paints a picture of a company on uneven ground whose future is uncertain.


As a result, I have to announce that I am no longer subscribing to Loot Anime. There will be one more Loot Anime unboxing, because they already took my damn money for that crate. However, this is not the end of my unboxing articles for those of you who like seeing them. For the foreseeable future, I’ve decided to try my luck with a subscription to the Akibento service instead. The theme for the first Akibento crate I’ll be getting is Academy and features items from My Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom(I swear if this lanyard ends up in that crate too…), and A Certain Scientific Railgun.

I did mention there is one more Loot Anime crate coming, though, and its theme is Quirky and features series that are absurd, whacky, or just plain weird. The represented series are Konosuba, Baccano!, Pop Team Epic, and Pikotaro(that’s the comedian dude behind the “PPAP” song). If nothing else, Loot Anime’s run with me has a chance to go out with a bang, instead of a whimper. As for why I decided to list the themes for both crates, well, to be honest, I frankly don’t know which one will get to me first…we’ll find out hopefully sometime soon, so until next time!